Aikido Terms

Basic vocabulary for studying Aikido

Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art, and uses Japanese terminology.  The best way to learn the correct use of terms is applying them in class.  You will gradually learn the terms in class through regular exposure. 


Even the name of our style Aikido and our school Ki Nagare are Japanese phrases.  Aikido is made of 3 characters ai (harmony) ki (energy) and do (way).  Ki (energy) nagare (flowing).


Starting Phrases

When you are first learning the basic phrases you will hear are:At the start of class we sayOnegaishimasu “Please do me this favor” (Pronounced Oh-knee-gosh-e-moss)At the end of class we saySensei, Domo arigato gozaimasta"Teacher, Thank you" (Pronounced Sen-say, Doe-moe are-e-got-toe go-ze-mosh-tuh)

More Terms

For some more advanced terms you can refer to this glossary.